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Periods. Lets Talk Together

Social media campaign for AYZH Health and Livelihood Pvt Ltd

AYZH Health and Livelihood Pvt Ltd is a for-profit organisation based out of Chennai, India. They design maternal, newborn and menstrual hygiene kits for women and girls living in the rural areas of India and Kenya.

For 'Periods. Let's Talk Together' I was in charge of the art direction and designing the entire campaign. This was created to launch Kanya, their new cotton-based sanitary napkins, as well as to spread knowledge on topics like how one should dispose off sanitary waste responsibly and hygienically, why it is important to use clean sanitary napkins and change them every 4 hours and so on. The campaign not only targeted women but also showed how it is perfectly normal for men to be involved in this.

Although the company is based in a city that is predominantly orthodox, the art direction tried to break stereotypes by being bold in its story telling and at the same time, being welcoming.

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