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Boat BioLogs

Hyperaccumulating plants adapt to polluted environments well enough to thrive which forces them to accumulate and break down nutrients and contaminants such as heavy metals, diesel, nitrates, etc., which would otherwise harm species. Boat BioLogs are bioremediating floating gardens incorporating hyperaccumulating UK-native plants that can be made and installed by canal boat residents using affordable, accessible materials and techniques to heal and restore the canal water ecosystem.

A canal boat occupied by a single resident in the UK, on average, releases 20,800 litres of greywater annually. This call to action automatically strategizes, targets and converts this source of water pollution into a solution. Riya’s vision is for every canal boat to have its personal bioremediating floating garden to collectively improve the quality of canal waters.

Collaborating with the London boat community, she established a DIY strategy, aligning with their self-sufficient lifestyle, making these urban gardens adaptable and affordable. Using biodegradable, long-lasting, rust and corrosion resistant materials, boaters can customise the length and install without altering their boat's structure.

By scanning the QR code on an already installed garden, they can download the Boat BioLogs app. Referring to it, boaters can source the necessary parts and materials from local hardware stores or online and follow the instruction guide. It also explains the plants’ purpose, season, maintenance and steps to ensure they do not harm existing ecosystems. They then install the same QR code, resulting in a ripple effect.

By identifying dead space, she designed Boat BioLogs to fit in narrow spaces so they sit along the boat's length thus creating gardens that are only slightly wider than a boat fender. Hence despite lacking space, it promises boaters the luxury of private gardens which motivates them to install. As a natural regenerative tool, it celebrates the healing properties of nature, incentivising dialogue through a sense of environmental responsibility amongst the community.




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