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Feeling safe is a right everyone is entitled to, but, in the UK, any object carried with an intent or purpose of harming someone, even for self-defence, is considered an offensive weapon.

Indefendence consists of home-made recipes made from everyday ingredients such as pungent vegetables like brussel sprouts & bitter gourd and spices like chili & asafetida to create innocuous sprays and powders. I used smell as the primary method of self-defence which sits in the grey area of legality since it is technically harmless.  Unfortunately, despite its harmlessness, because it would be carried with the intention of a self-defence weapon it would still be illegal to carry. IF these are used, they won't harm the attacker but will only startle them or cause temporary discomfort.

This project highlights the fact that the UK deprives its people a basic human right, i.e carrying something basic to defend oneself in a life-threatening situation. It is a design provocation for the UK audience and a design application for an Indian audience (for a comparative study).

Although these homemade self-defence sprays/ powders can't be used in the UK, they can easily be made and used in India, providing accessible and affordable self-defence tools to everyone.

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